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The not-for-profit charity that I represent has been with TSOhost,who have provided us with a managed server at various levels of sophistication,for more than 10 years.We have recently migrated from http:to https:and transferred onto a new TSOhost server.I am not an IT specialist-I manage a database-and throughout our years with the company we have experienced consistently first rate service and helpful advice.When we migrated to the new server a week ago,there were inevitable teething problems,but in collaboration with our IT designer,the staff have been consistently helpful and very prompt,irrespective of whether we have raised an issue on a Tuesday afternoon or a Sunday morning.These guys deserve big Brownie points. Tsohost was founded in 2003 as a provider of reliable, affordable internet services consisting of shared hosting, dedicated hosting, domain registration and consultancy. With an enthusiastic team and strong management the company has gone from strength to strength over the past 5 years enjoying strong organic growth. Through this and our acquisition of other companies we host in excess of 20,000 websites across our shared and dedicated hosting platforms on our UK servers. tso host code promo We run an online business and began exploring a switch to Tsohost earlier this year.In recent weeks we have started development work and have found Tsohost technical support to be first rate – very quick and helpful replies. Martin Ivanov, in particular, was excellent!I am a websire designer virgin and easily get lost by the support staff at TSO Host have been brilliant! No question too stupid, fast and accurate responses. I cannot fault their support! So glad I signed ion with them.